“As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be” Proverbs 23:7

This is the premise of a new film with a powerful new twist on an age old Truth: We are what we think we are. More to the point—we become what we tell ourselves we are.

The words we choose when we think of ourselves are auto-suggestions to our subconscious minds. They become the bedrock of our self-image…the forces that drives us to greatness…or the forces that drive us to failure. This film reveals little-known techniques to harness these powers…to dramatically boost your self-confidence and thus, the way you are perceived by those you would influence.

The personal stories this film tells of people just like you—young and old—will inspire you, teach you, and touch you.

My name is Thomas A Hilton Jr. For 20 years I’ve been studying the mind and the self-affirming power behind our own words. It is our own self-talk that determines our destiny. The impact of our own words on our own lives is profound, indeed. In fact, we create our own reality with the labels we pin on ourselves.

I became so intrigued by this concept, so immersed in my research, and so committed to sharing this message, that I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist

Only now, are the worldwide spiritual and psychological communities beginning to recognize the power of Hypnotherapy and other little-known techniques to conquer your own thoughts.

A Life-Changing Film about Child Development
and Personal Growth

Now I hope to carry this message to the ends of the earth with a new documentary film.

I have commenced production of a documentary film that will show amazing proof of the power behind the words our subconscious minds…that the most influential person that you will ever meet in your life is ... yourself!

Its title is Autosuggestions & Influence of Words. It starts with the story of a four year old child…a child whose mother and father encouraged him and praised him and taught him how to tap into his subconscious power long before he could even comprehend it. Yet, somehow he did comprehend. By the age of five he had already discovered his artistic gift and at six he was producing stunning illustrations with a skill far beyond the ordinary.

As a student of the mind, I myself have witnessed first-hand many such miraculous transformations with this way of thinking. What I have learned has been nothing short of mind-blowing. I couldn't believe that I had never been taught this universal truth in school, and I became convinced that we must begin teaching it universally.

I Need Your Support to Complete My Film

In order to produce a film equal to the high artistic documentary standards its message demands, I need forward thinkers who are sympathetic with the message. I need altruists who share my vision of a better world, who believe like me that people everywhere who are struggling with self-doubt and fear will struggle no more armed with this knowledge.

The script is complete. I have enough equipment and software to have produced a demo introduction, which you can view at the top of this proposal. But I am simply not equipped to complete a top-quality production.

I need two professional-grade HD cameras. I need top-of-the-line production and editing software. I need additional external hard drives on which to store the raw HD footage. I need funds to help me travel to and interview the key subjects of these stories. I need high-end web-teleconferencing equipment and software.

The Story of Kyle, the Child Prodigy,
Has Now Come Full Circle

The four-year old whose story opens and closes this film has since become a successful illustrator for many major national corporations and publishers. The child was the father to the man, and now the father of the child is his own child’s student—full circle. And the surprising conclusion of their story will move you and delight you.


This is just one of many stories I hope to tell.
Other interview subjects include:

I invite you to view photos and brief biographies of each one at http://www.fosterthemind.com.

What This Film Will Cost to Produce
and How I Can Help You Personally

I invite you also to visit and Like my Foster the Mind Facebook page where you can track the film’s history and progress.

And if you can contribute to the $8,000 fund I must raise to proceed with production I will graciously accept that with my profound gratitude, as well! 100% of your contribution will be applied to the needs I have specified above.

For one solid year I have been thinking and writing and planning this film.  I have recruited experts in Neuroscience and Hypnotherapy, as well as NLP Life Coaches, to share personal triumphs that will open your eyes to the power and control you could have over your own life. 

Even if you are not able to make a financial contribution to this film, I can still personally teach you these principles. Friend me on Facebook, follow my postings, and allow me to share with you what I have already written on the subject, such as my book “As a Boy Thinketh.”  

If you are able to help, then let’s get started now. Let’s help the people of this world conquer their thoughts so we can all conquer the world.