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How Steve Acker Makes Marketing Magic

Ad for Solid Rock Gym. Click here
to see more samples from Acker’s
advertising portfolio.

Ad for clinic offering its own
health insurance coverage

Read how the Who
discovered my band LAW


Steve's P.R. Campaign for Dollar General Wins
Presidential Award


Copy That Motivates,
Music That Inspire

That's what Steve Acker does. He makes marketing magic. The guy can do it all! But then, he's been a pro since seventeen.

Award winning ad man for 27 years...Commercial songwriter and record producer since his teens... Independent marketing and creative consultant since 1987. Widely known former MCA recording artist.

Steve has three  major specialties: Incisive copy that sells and sharply focused editorial writing, and Social Network Marketing •Exciting, contemporary songs, jingles, and soundtrack compositions

So how does Steve work his magic? With heart. With soul. And with words and music that move both. Touch the heart and the head will follow--that is Steve's motto. That's what he does.

Please take a moment or two to view Steve's resume and a portion of his extensive advertising portfolio. Also, many of his songs and jingles are posted on the site. Please enjoy.

4881 E River Pl, #722 Jackson, MS 39202


Steve Acker

Check out my music site, too!www.steveacker.com